Brochure Retrofit


The retrofi tting of existing machines such as CD, CIM, TIM or rotary Machines brings new life to your existing equipment.

VISTAscan offers complete kits to upgrade your existing inspection machines to the latest standards.

The Upgrade contains the VISTAscan Hybrid Scan System.

In addition, the System is suitable to include more Inspection modules like Mold Number Reader,

Dip & Plug also Out Of Round.

The Sensor based VISTAscan check detection systems are installed worldwide within high speed container rotating inline inspection machines. They are tried and tested inspection systems which make use of light refl ection

caused by a variety of defects that occur during glass container production.

The use of modulated light sources and corresponding fi lters on the signal processing side makes them insensitive to extraneous light. They are wellknown for their outstanding detection rates.

With this latest proven and patented technology you will be able to reach the next level of certifi cation and also increase the productivity as well as effi ciency of your existing plant.

VISTAscan CD/CIM Retrofit

• Upgrade existing machine with new advanced technology

• Compatibility with existing installation

• Improve productivity and effi ciency

• Machine remote control over LAN

• Supported Inspections:

- Check Detection

- Out Of Round

- Mold number

- Dip & Plug

- Lean

• Reject- and Line-Select Control

- 2 Select Channels to sorting by Mold

- Priority of Reject sources (each channel, mold)

- Variation on customer request

• Additional Digital and Analog IOs

• Configurable Inspection timing

• Software interface for plant quality tracking

VISTAscan Hybrid Scan SENSOR

• Applicable to all container parts:

- Finish Check

- Shoulder Check

- Side Wall Check

- Bottom Check

• Variable light sources for application to different glass colors:

- white - broad spectrum for wide range of application (including blue glass)

- monochromatic - if you need more power for special wave lengths

- NIR - for dark colored containers

• Real Time Processing

• Measurement method: Refl ection of modulated light, optical sensors

• Up to 32 channels (lights + sensors) for detecting a number of different defects

• Variable light sources:

- Working distance / focus: 30 / 60 mm

- Shape of the light spot: Rectangular, width = 0.5 - 2 mm, length = 2 - 35 mm

• Live Data stream for each channel over Ethernet

for visualization and further processing


Common Properties

• Operating Temperature: 10 - 60°C

• Input Voltage Range: 100 - 240VAC (50/60Hz)

• Speed: up to 600 bpm

• Application in container rotating machines

Communication / Interfaces

• LAN (10/100BaseT) Ethernet Interface

• RS232 (optional)

• Setup Command Set

• Result reporting over LAN

• Status reporting over LAN

• 19“ Touch-Screen Monitor

• Additional on customer request


• Managing Software on accompanying PC

• GUI for Setup of all connected devices and result visualization

• Integrated LAN access to all measurement devices

• Integrated data base for failure tracking and statistics

• LAN interface for remote access: setup and result reporting

• VNC server for graphical remote access

• Provides functionality of Emhart QualiTrac software

• All measurement devices can be directly accessed over LAN, or trough management software, respectively.

(Management software routes device specific commands to the corresponding unit).

• API for integration into your process control software



• 16 channel check detection system (CIBITE Hybrid Scan SENSOR)

• Monitor with suspension arm

• Embedded PC

• Incremental encoder

• cable set: power cable, communication cable, etc.


• Upgrade to 32 channel system

• Frequency Inverter for motor control

• New cable wiring of switches, relay, etc.