VISTAscan Mold Number Reader is based on the tried and tested VISTAscan check detection system, which makes use of light refl ection caused by a variety of material anomalies, such as defects as well as surface structures.

The VISTAscan Mold Number Reader processes the refl ections from the mold number dots and assigns the corresponding number. The use of modulated light sources and corresponding fi lters on the signal processing side makes it insensitive

to extraneous light.

VISTAscan Mold Number Reader includes a modern signal processor, so it can process data in real time and reports it over standard Ethernet protocol.

Beside pure reading it can trigger rejects and selectors due to specifi ed mold numbers.

The VISTAscan Mold Number Reader can read all specifi ed heel dot codes, new codes can be easily integrated. The newly developed pattern recognition algorithm works independently of machine speed and bottle diameter.

Read all specifi ed heel dot codes from rotated glass containers

• all common 6 - 10 dot heel codes

•can easily extended to customers specifi ed heel dot codes

  • Works with modulated light sources
  • Reporting over Ethernet
  • Trigger output for rejects and selectors
  • Forward and backward reading
  • Variable light source colors
  • Real Time Processing
  • Applicable to all glass colors, even black (with infrared light)
  • Live Data stream over Ethernet for visualization and processing


Common Properties

Operating Temperature: 10 - 60 °C

Input Voltage: 8 - 36 V DC

Speed: up to 600 bpm

Application in container rotating machines

Communication /Interfaces

- 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

- RS232 (optional)

- Setup Command Set

- Result reporting over LAN

- Status reporting over LAN

- Live data broadcast over LAN, simple viewer

- Setup GUI (optional)

- Analog data output (optional)

- 4 opto-isolated input trigger lines

- 4 output trigger reject / select lines