Brochure Hybrid Scan System

THE VISTAscan Hybrid Scan System

VISTAscan Hybrid Scan System is the refined and enhanced follow-up of the reliable VISTAscanV3/V5 check detection system for container glass.

It combines approved light-sensor based technology (Hybrid Scan SENSOR) with latest camera based image processing techno-logy (Hybrid Scan CAMERA).

Sensor based VISTAscan check detection systems are installed worldwide within high speed container rotating inline inspection machines. They are tried and tested inspection systems which make use of light reflection caused by a variety of defects that occur during glass container production.

The use of modulated light sources and corresponding filters on the signal processing side makes them insensitive to extraneous light. They are well-known for their outstanding detection rates.

This reliable sensor system can now be supplemented with a camera based detection unit for easier setup and advanced image processing. Whereas sensor based systems are very reliable but specialized detectors – they

are adjusted due to already known defects, camera based systems provide a comprehensive view of the object under inspection. So, it is possible to detect previously unknown defects, and catch more than one defect with

the same image processing unit, respectively. On the other hand you may add sensor based detection to the preferred camera setup, if available space is critical for camera placement.

With the new VISTAscan Hybrid check detection system you get a state of the art system for quality assurance. By using modern processors, the system allows high data rates and up-to-date communication interfaces. Commu-

nication takes place via standard Ethernet protocols, so it is easy to integ-rate it into an existing network.

Result processing is done in real time and reported via Ethernet. Alternatively, you can access all measurement data

via UDP data streams for further data processing and storage. Optionally we provide analog data output for compatibility to older setups.

The CIBITE Hybrid Check Detection System is ready for combining appro-ved light-sensor based technology with latest camera based image pro-cessing. So, it makes it easy to step forward to machine vision by preser-

ving well working systems - you get the advantages of both systems:

• The reliability of sensor based check detection

• The universal approach of camera pictures: make all defects visible

CIBITE Hybrid Scan

•Applicable to all container parts:

- Finish

- Shoulder

- Side Wall

- Bottom

•Variable light sources for application to different glass colors:

- white - broad spectrum for wide range of application (including blue glass)

- monochromatic - if you need more power for special wave lengths

- NIR - for dark colored containers

•Real Time Processing

VISTAscan Hybrid Scan SENSOR

•Measurement method: Reflection of modulated light, optical sensors

•Up to 32 channels (lights + sensors) for detecting a number of different defects

•Variable light sources:

- Working distance / focus: 30 / 60 mm

- Shape of the light spot: Rectangular, width = 0.5 - 2 mm, length = 2 - 35 mm

•Live Data stream for each channel over Ethernet for visualization and

further processing

VISTAscan Hybrid Scan CAMERA (Vision Check)

•Measurement method: Image processing

•Working distance: 30 cm or more

•Different setups /algorithm:

- Reflected / transmitted light

- Light spots / diffuse lighting

•Trainable system

•Advanced and configurable defect descriptors


Common Properties

• Operating Temperature: 10 - 60 °C

• Input Voltage: 100 - 240VAC (50/60Hz)

• Speed: up to 600 bpm

• Application in container rotating machines

Hybrid Scan SENSOR

• 16 channel check detection system

• Compatible to CIBITE V2/V3/V5 check detection systems

Hybrid Scan CAMERA (Vision Check)

• High speed monochrome cameras

• Variety of detection algorithms

• Spot- and area light sources

Communication / Interfaces

• 10/100 Mbps Ethernet

• RS232 (optional)

• Setup Command Set

• Result reporting over LAN

• Status reporting over LAN

• Connection / disconnection of Lights / Sensors

- Type of connected Lights / Sensors

• Live data broadcast over LAN, simple viewer

• Setup GUI

- SENSOR: optional

- CAMERA: Visual setup for defect descriptors

• Training software for learning defects from images

• 4 opto-isolated input trigger lines

• Analog data output (SENSOR: optional)

• Reject trigger lines for each channel / image processing unit

Mechanical Dimensions

• Main units: 19“ modules

• Sensors / Lights (SENSOR):

- Diameter: 14 mm /29 mm

- Length: 70 - 85 mm

• Area lights of different sizes (CAMERA)


• Upgrade to 32 channel system (SENSOR)

• Test device for sensors and lights

• Mold Number Reader

• Programmable area flash lights, have a look at the CIBITE Flash Panel series