VISTAscan Flash Panel series is a groundbreaking modular lighting system, based on high power

LEDs, which is designed for the demanding challenges in industrial inspections and machine


VISTAscan Flash Panels are high frequently strobing light sources, which can be triggered by ex-

ternally applied signals for reaching exact synchronization with the picture taking camera. The

VISTAscan system stands out due exact flash length timing with an accuracy of a few microseconds.

VISTAscan Flash Panels are fully programmable: You can completely configure your area light

source to your needs. If you need a more dark field illumination applied to your object, let only

the area around it flash. If you want to make inner structures of transparent objects visible,

configure your flash light with varying intensities across the illuminated area, so you can em-

phasize edges which would not be visible in uniform illumination.

Otherwise, individual intensity control allows the compensation of LED brightness non-unifor-

mity – so with VISTAscan Flash Panels you may reach perfectly evenly lit images – a good starting

point for advanced image processing.

There is the possibility to store four different light patterns into board memory, which can

be triggered independently. So, it is possible to accomplish different tasks with only one light


The VISTAscan Flash Panel combines the advantages of high intensity strobing and structured


For less complex demands, we provide a second system. With the possibility for setting inten-

sity values for each LED row you are able to apply predefined patterns like stripes or conti-

nuously changing brightness, for instance sinusoidal modulated intensity.

All pictures are taken with the same light source and unchanged camera setup.

The VISTAscan Flash Panel board series

•is designed for high speed image acquisition

•is based on high power LEDs.

•is made by highly experienced engineers.

Individual intensity control of each single LED

•allows the compensation of LED brightness non-uniformity - you get an extremely homogeneous illumination.

•allows the application of predefined light patterns like contours - you can simulate a dark field illumination.

•allows the application of gray scale lights or any other modulated intensity - you can make any structures within transparent objects visible.

VISTAscan Flash Panel strobe mode:

•provides hardware triggered synchronized image acquisition

•provides exact flash length timing (μs) for repeat accuracy in image acquisition

•provides very short but intense light pulses up to 10 μs duration for fast image acquisition

Configure VISTAscan Flash Panels for your specific tasks by:

•choosing board sizes and LED numbers to meet your needs.

•software controlled input voltage adjusting for getting best intensity and flash length values to meet your needs.

•on-board storage of individual LED calibration values to achieve homogeneity of lighting that meets your needs.

With VISTAscan Flash Panel lighting systems

•you can start into new dimensions of industrial image processing.

•you can accomplish different tasks with one and the same light source.

•you are ready for the demanding challenges in industrial inspections and machine vision.


Mechanical Specification

•Variable sizes: up to 660 mm x 305 mm, on customer request

•Thickness: 50 mm (without diffuser)

Electrical Specification

•Input Voltage Range: 100 – 240VAC (50/60Hz)

•Trigger Signal Voltage Range: 3V – 24 VDC

•Full power strobe frequency: 50 Hz


•Max. temperature for operation: 60°C

•Convection cooling (power supply includes cooling fan)

Optical Specification

•Total numbers of LED: available up to 1440 (60 x 24), on customer request

•Hexagonal arrangement of LEDs, others on customer request

•Boards are available with different LED (white and monochromatic)

-White (5000 K – 6000 K)

-Red (625 nm)

-Cherry Red (740 nm)

-Infrared (940 nm) (available at higher price)

-others on customer request

-Flash length Min: 10 μs

-Flash length Max: 1 ms


•Industrial Standard Interfaces

-RS232 serial interface - two RS232 connectors allow daisy chain connection for sharing the same line to the control device

-LAN Ethernet Interface 10/100 Mbps

•4 opto-isolated input trigger lines


•CIBITE command set - supports LAN and serial communication

-Supports ASCII commands for fast manual access

-Supports CIBITE binary protocol for fast automated control

•Command Line Interface

•Simple GUI application provided for Linux and Window

•Web-Interface with graphical configuration utilities (Software for providing WEB-based access to CIBITE Flash Panels or additional server box) (optional)

•Support for implementing client software in C++ (optional)

•Included bootloader for firmware updates


•All machine vision tasks

•Designed for and tested in inspection systems for transparent materials (glass, etc.)

•Ideal for transmitted dark field illumination



-Programmable power supply

-Cable set: power cable, communication cable to power supply


-Ready-for-use diffuser

-Programmable trigger box

-Cooling fan for temperature critical installation

Available Models

•RL (LED Row Access)

-Each LED row can be controlled (ON, OFF, Intensity setting)

•SL (Single LED Access)

-Each single LED can be individually controlled (ON, OFF, Intensity setting)

-LED specific intensity calibration: compensation values can be stored to memory and updated later on. This allows extremely homogeneous lighting