Dec 9th 2018
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Technical information
* Mesurement: patend modulated inspection system
* Channel: 1-27
* Operation Temperature: -15°-60°C
* Humidity: 90% non-condensing


With the V2 Veritas, we are offering a check detection system, which is optimized for the testing of flatware, tableware, medical glassware and container glass.

The V2 Veritas is a 16-channel quality assurance system that can be easily expanded to 27 channels.

Its ease of use and flexibility makes it to one of the best inspection systems on the market.

Equipped with up to seven inspection types that can be performed in a single process, the V2 offers also step-motor-control and the Vision plug-and-dip-test.

Each of the 16 or 27 independent channels can be configured with lights and sensors which are best suited for the detection of a specific defect.

There is a Master Console with Channel 1 to 16 and the Slave Console (17-27Ch) which is controlled by the Master.

The Slave alone couldn´t be used as a “Stand-alone System”.

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