Don't waste your time and money in wrong equipment.

As a global leader in test and measurement systems for quality assurance in the glass industry VISTAscan offers an extensive range of products.

The VISTAscan product range was created directly from our customers’ demands. Our product concepts are therefore based on the practice in the glass processing industry.

Practical orientation, a maximum of durability and robustness combined with the most innovative technology are the crucial facts of the cibite products.

These are essential factors of success which many well-known glassworks worldwide are already enjoying.

  • Complete test Systems
  • Sensor based scanning Systems
  • Camera based scanning systems
  • Lighting systems for professional results
  • Soft - and Hardware

Strategic partnerships create synergy

VISTAscan products are successfully used by Bucher Emhart Glass Inc. since more than 15 years.

One example is the strategic partnership with Bucher Emhart Glass Inc. which is the global leader of production machines for container glass.

Provided with a great amount of patents and unique know-how cibite sets new standards in quality control for glass.

Quality assurance systems for Cold- and Hot- End (Glas Inspection, Inline/Online Inspection)

  • container glass
  • flat glass
  • medical special glasses
  • technical glasses such as solar glass
  • optical glasses

Quality assurance is one of the most important aspects in glass production plants. Without efficient and reliable quality assurance production speed and reputation

of the sites will suffer. cibite offers a complete product range of entire systems, sensor systems, software and test equipment. Our systems are integrated in the

production line and contain the entire electronics and mechanics for the quality assurance.

The flexibility of our systems is based on specialised sensors, which we offer for each type of glass and each glass forming.

Our control software runs on Linux and popular tablet operating systems such as Apple iOS and Android.

To ensure the optimal functioning of our sensors and systems, cibite has developed instruments that are tailored to the cibite product range.